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RobinsArnold is a Technology Marketing Consultancy founded by Carolyn Arnold in 2013 with the objective to help technology companies grow through developing winning marketing strategies which overachieve commercial objectives, engage customers and deliver business value.


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Carolyn’s strategic and tactical marketing experience spans 25 years. She has held several commercial leadership roles, with leading CRM, ITSM, ERP, Telecos and Network vendors.               Carolyn has been at the forefront of new and emerging technologies and has launched numerous software and hardware products over the years. Her depth and breadth of experience have positioned RobinsArnold to offer all sizes of businesses reliable commercial marketing consultancy and services.


RobinsArnold specialises in Technology focused Marketing Consultancy for established technology vendors and technology start-ups.


Working With Us


We are very straightforward, open and collaborative. Our aim is to get your marketing fine tuned and generating leads so that your sales teams can focus on closing business rather than chasing it.

Competitive Pricing Always!


We are particularly pleased that our customers find our pricing competitive, and especially appreciate having the full marketing suite of expertise available, without the challenges of managing multiple suppliers.

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M:   +44 (0)7919 367386

E:     carolyn.arnold@robinsarnold.com 

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