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The power of the marketing mix in unison is akin to an elegant orchestral piece played in a magnificent auditorium. Something for everyone, delivered in a pleasing way by the whole orchestra. 

Sadly, in today's marketing auditorium, a significant part of the orchestra never get to play, and many organisations favour one particular marketing instrument above all others. Unfortunately, the law of diminishing returns/utility theory cancels out even the best solo marketing instrument. Organisations need the right mix of marketing orchestration, pertinent to their marketing budget sustainability.

Time, Experience and Expertise

At RobinsArnold we have had the experience of deploying the full marketing mix for many years and understand the intricacies involved in implementing the right marketing combination of traditional and digital marketing.

Without the correct marketing mix, prospective customers become overwhelmed and 'switch off' to communications. Using the right marketing mix is a ‘certain’ way of gaining prospects attention and trust and building a relationship with them.

Maximise Your Marketing Budget

RobinsArnold has a history of marketing programmes which maximise budget and leave target audiences with a positive experience of the brand and wanting to know more.

RobinsArnold Technology Marketing Services:

  • Marketing campaigns and programmes
  • Marketing content – copywriting and design
  • Event planning, management and post-show follow-up
  • Marketing coaching to incumbent teams who are under performing
  • Marketing team set up, recruitment and mentoring
  • CRM and marketing automation technology expertise.

“Within days of working with RobinsArnold, we knew we were in safe-hands. The knowledge of our sector, their connections, and the immediate confidence they gave to our Senior Management Team was reassuring.  RobinsArnold built out a full marketing strategy and put marketing processes and automation in place so that we could deploy our tactical marketing activities successfully.  I highly recommend RobinsArnold, they are grown-up marketing experts, who are fun to work with and have a laser sharp understanding of Technology Marketing”.  

Stuart Lawrence - Director, Serversys Ltd

June 2015

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