Technology Marketing Strategy

Your Marketing Strategy is inextricably linked to your Business Plan and predicates your future business success. How current is your Marketing Strategy?



Marketing Strategy Vs Tactical ‘Quarter on Quarter’ Pain


At RobinsArnold we understand the business performance pressures facing technology Execs. We have seen many vendor organisations roll from one quarter to another without putting a Marketing Strategy in place.  The situation is not only punishing for the Exec; but also for the Marketing team who cannot plan their programmes far enough in advance to deliver real ROI. 



The Positive Outcomes of Having A Full Marketing Strategy In Place:


  • Raised Brand Awareness and Brand Recall
  • A Healthy and Growing Prospect Database
  • Marketing Resources Being Used Efficiently and Tracked Against Plan
  • Marketing Activities with Clear Lead Generation Goals and ROI Metrics
  • A Motivated & Coordinated Sales & Marketing Team
  • Exec & Company Confidence in Your Marketing Team
  • Increased Marketing and Sales Qualified Leads
  • Revenue Increases



Real-Life Marketing Strategy


At RobinsArnold we make Marketing Strategy straightforward. We believe in providing 'realistic' marketing strategies and marketing plans that you and your marketing team can get behind and deploy with confidence.  Our marketing strategy fits within the context of your short, medium and long-term business plan.  We empower your marketing team to run with a marketing plan that will hit your marketing targets and convert into marketing qualified leads which fuel 'real' pipeline opportunities.  

At RobinsArnold it is our job to help your organisation to gain substantial market traction and momentum, with marketing activities that raise your brand awareness and profile, engage your target audience and deliver measurable ROI.

" RobinsArnold's high energy and practical approach to technology marketing make it very easy to work with them. The Marketing Strategy they prepared for us surpassed our highest expectations and got right under the skin of our business. The value and expertise they bring are priceless.  I thoroughly recommend RobinsArnold Technology Marketing Consulting, they have become a retained and critical part of our success story".

Kevin Baker - CEO, Sollertis

February 2017

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